What is a music license ?

♦ A license is a contract where the right of using the composers music is granted by the copyright holder (the composer) for the broadcast recreation or performance of a copyrighted work.

What is Royalty Free Music?

♦ Royalty free means you just need to pay for rights to use the item once per end product. You don’t need to pay additional or ongoing fees for each person who sees or uses it.

Why i keep hearing this lady saying the word "AudioJungle" or "Pond 5" on all your tracks?

♦ All AudioJungle or Pond5 tracks are using this method in order to be protected against piracy. Its a method of watermarking our music.As soon as you purchase the track you will receive a zip file that contains all the versions of the track in High Quality wav and mp3 formats without the watermark.

In AudioJungle what kind of Licenses are there and how can i know which one to purchese for my project?

♦ In AudioJungle there are different types of Licenses (Standard, Broadcast 1million, Mass Reproduction ect). You can find the corresponding price when you  view a track on the left side of the price. Using and selecting the drop down arrow when viewing a product page you can select the correct license for your project.

♦ You can view more details HERE about the different Licenses and make an informed decision in which one you need to purchase.

What is the difference between Exclusive and Non-Exclusive license?

♦ The main difference between Exclusive and Non- Exclusive license is that in Exclusive license the ownership of the rights of the track are transfered from the licensor (the composer) to the licensee (the one that buys the music) whereas in Non-Exclusive license the rights are owned solely by the licensor. In Non – Exclusive the licensee can always use the music but always within the terms that are agreed by the two parties. As you can understand the Exclusive License is always more expensive than the Non – Exclusive one.

Is your music Exclusive or NON – EXCLUSIVE licensed?

♦ Currently all my music is NON-EXCLUSIVE meaning that the songs i sell can be used in as many projects i want. If you want an EXCLUSIVE license for a song though or a custom song made please contact me using this CONTACT FORM so we can talk more about the details.

What kind of license do i need if i want to use a song of yours in a commercial film project?

♦ For that you need a Synchronization License. I will provide the contract that you will have to sign and it binds me in giving you the right to use my music and sync it to your film (since Im self-employed composer, i can legally edit a contract and a price for you).

Are there any other types of licenses?

There are a lot, but a Synchronization License is what’s most commonly used thats why i mentioned it seperately. If you need my music in one of your projects send me an e-mail through the Contact section of the site (or the contact form below) and we can figure out the rest dont worry.

How much a license costs?

I dont share my pricings here, use the Contact section of the site and send me an e-mail describing your project, the budget, the number of songs you want to use or if you want an original new song(s) and we can figure it out from there.

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