10 useful Kontakt Libraries when composing Royalty Free music!
by on September 1, 2017 in Kontakt

There are too many Kontakt libraries out there nowdays. Each has its own sound and characteristics. When you study a music style though certain patterns emerge. Here is my 10 most used Kontakt libraries when i compose Royalty Free music!

The most versitile and beautiful sounding string library out there imho. Its my go-to library whenever i need a string sound. Best for orchestral tracks its contemporary feel on its sound makes them perfect for inspiring or corporate tracks also. I cant reccomend this enough. If you need a dedicated string library this is the best choice you can make!

Piano is a timeless instrument. Combined with the Cinematic Studio Strings and using some blackhole reverb on it this piano shines through. Especially for the price (69$ as of this writting) is amazing. Excellent for cinematic and inspiring tracks!

If you need a bass look no further. This thing can fit in almost any style. Corporate, inspiring, rock, jazz, metal it can do it all. From heavy meaty sound to light clean i was amazed from the 1st day i used it and still am today. Versitile and an excellent sound right out of the box!

4. Big Fish Audio - Smack!

The bread and butter in AudioJungle. Although i cant be 100% certain i believe that 90% of all corporate tracks use this library and for good reason. Claps, snaps & stomps are essential sounds when it comes to Royalty Free music and Big Fish Audio did an amazing job in putting everything organized neatly in this excellent sounding library! A definate must-have for everyone that produces Royalty Free music.

A jem of a library. Not only its loops sound perfect but when used for its instruments its just amazing. Cinematic, inspiring and even trailer tracks when using this library sound excellent. A various collection of drum sections from orchestral to epic  to sfx to big cinematic hits this library has almost everything in it! If you havent already you should at least check it out!

This library will never grow old. It has become a staple sound for trailer and epic music. Its sound is amazing, and its versitile to a fault 🙂 Beautiful sfx sounds, metals, epic kits , industrial kits and so many rhythmic loops to layer in your compositions its another must have for trailer and epic music! Check it out if you havent already!

7. Cinesamples - Cinebrass Pro!

I love epic cinematic orchestral music. In order to make good thunderous cinematic orchestral music you need a good brass library. Although Cinebrass Core is a more layed out library, i find myself most of the times when i compose trailer or cinematic music reaching for those Monster Low Brass pads and that BEAUTIFUL twelve horn ensemble that’s why im putting this brass library here. It worths checking out Cinebrass Core also depending on your needs. That 12-horn ensemble though.. damn.. that sound is so sexy.. !

This might seem an odd choice but there are numerous times when i needed a pulse to keep the music driving forward and signal never failed to deliever. From a subtle pulse to be in the background to an arpegiated pulse line signal is a good weapon in a composers arsenal and can help almost all types of tracks giving them the bit of motion that they need!

Guitar is an essential part in Royalty Free music. With steel strings making rhytmic guitars for background or ambient tones to accompany a piano line is easy and sounding excellent. The ability to easily make your own rhythms and the quality of sounds is amazing! If you need a steel string guitar you need to check it out!

10. Orchestral Tools - Metropolos Arc 1 !

I love writting big epic and trailer tracks. This “bundle” library is perfect for that. Especially its low strings are chilling and the choirs are my go-to choirs whenever i need that type of choir in my compositions! There are so many things and instruments that this library offers and it was made to help us make big thunderous epic / trailer music easier. So if you want to compose huge epic trailer tracks you should check this out!

There are a LOT more Kontakt libraries out there but these 10 are the ones i find myself using most often when composing Royalty Free music.

What are some of your favorite kontakt libraries and why? I’d love to hear your opinions!  Feel free to discuss in comments!

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