10 not so known plugins that will help you make better songs!
by on August 3, 2017 in Plugins

There are a LOT of plugins out there. Some good, some bad, some better than others. Here are 10 plugins that i use in almost all my songs and i feel are not that much known. Check them out, they are excellent!

A really easy way to put “movement” in any sound! You can use it to make pulses, or unique evolving atmospheres! Or blend it with guitars to get some interesting / unique sounds from it. The applications of this plugin are numerous. It can be that “thing” you need in the background in order to make the track that much more interesting!

For a long time i was trying to make basses cut through the mix or kicks to punch through. Although proper EQing and sidechain compression are good techniques to make a balanced and rich sounding track sometimes all you need is a bit of saturation. You can use it on anything from low pulses to percussion to guitars ect and make them cut through the mix. Amazing tool and incredibly easy to use!

3. Slate Digital - VerbSuite Classics!

There are a LOT of reverbs out there. Some good some bad some better than others. For me Slate has outdone himself with this plugin. No matter the composition its my go-to reverb. Versitile, easy to use and sounds amazing!

When i was making this list i promised to myself that i wouldn’t include 2 plugins of the same category. Although Blackhole is on the reverb category and can be used as one it’s so much more. Its a sound designers tool. Use it with a piano to get an amazing sound for emotional pieces and turn it to extreme for creating atmospheres.

This is a free plugin but that doesnt make it any less useful. If you are into electronic music you should definitely try it on your kicks for that “subby” quality.

6. Boz Digital Labs - Imperial Delay!

Whenever i search for a new plugin there are 2 things i’m looking for : Ease of use and lots of options. Imperial Delay delievers in both aspects. Whenever i have to use a delay this is my 1st pick. Definately worth to check it out.

I love this plugin. Whenever you are making decisions on mastering you need to make sure that your song plays good in almost every platform. Its emulations are very good! It’s on the mastering chain on all of my tracks.

This is probably one of the most underrated and useful plugins out there. I have it in each and every one of my tracks. Easiest way to set levels right on your tracks and have a balanced mix which peaks at the right levels on the stereo out. Amazing plugin definately check this one out!

Sometimes you can’t trust your ears, especially when you are starting out. To be honest i love it when i can make informed and correct decisions but not rely 100% on my ears. This plugin is pure gold. You can check your stereo width, your loudness, create room for bass and check  the dynamic range. I’m using it in all my tracks when im mixing / mastering. Its just perfect.

10. Mastering the Mix - Reference!

This is a brand new plugin from Mastering the Mix, and its brilliant! 90% of the time that you will compose music you will be given a temp track, or be asked to compose a track that sounds like x or y track. So being able to compare it with up to 4 tracks with auto track alignment, being able to see the frequency bands and what’s missing and to match loudness in order to get more informed decisions on the mix and mastering process, its amazing! Mastering the Mix is one of my favorite companies and i didn’t know what to expect after Levels cause it is such a perfect plugin but they delievered another gem!

There are a lot more plugins that i use but i feel that these 10 are the most lesser known ones and wrongly underrated out there.

What are some of your favorite plugins and why? I’d love to hear your opinions!  Feel free to discuss in comments!

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